Thursday, November 20, 2008

I figured if you're going to follow in somebody's footsteps, why not the steps of our lord and savior?

So I've had a kid for almost six weeks now I'm getting pretty close to becoming an expert. Actually that could not be further from the truth. It seems like Tyler is changing more and more every day and I can't really keep up or figure out what he needs. Lately I've been wondering why God created us to come into the world as a baby. Really, Tyler can't do anything. The things that he does that get Theresa and me excited are lifting his head on his own (I've been doing that as long as I can remember) and smile. Other than that he cries, eats, poops, pees, farts, burps, hiccups, sneezes, coughs, sleeps, spits up, and every couple of days he is given a bath. Really that's about it. God knew what he was doing when he created the whole baby thing. I think it's more for the parents than the children. It's hard to put into words what I mean but having a kid puts the whole God thing into perspective. Lately I've been looking forward to all of the things that I get to do with Tyler or at least teach him to do. Stuff like playing soccer, playing baseball, teaching him to work with his hands, stuff like that. I want him to follow in my footsteps, do the same things that I did. I definitely wouldn't be disappointed if he didn't but as of right now that's what I have been looking forward to. The thing that's convicting is that the most important thing that I want to teach him is to follow in the footsteps of our Lord and Savior, but that doesn't register as naturally as sports or working. It will be interesting learning how to raise a kid to love Jesus more than any of those things.

Monday, September 08, 2008

How good would my son look in this?

Now that the Bengals season is over, it's time to focus on the Vikings. I got this same outfit for the Bengals so I don't think that Theresa will let me get this one. All I know is that next year I'm getting him his first Adrian Peterson jersey.

P.S. Our son will be born in 3 weeks and we still don't have a name picked out. Vote this week and help name our son.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Japanese Gameshows Are Always Funny

I really need to learn Japanese because I think if I knew what they were saying this would be so much funnier. Anyone in for learning some Japanese? Also, who wants to try binocular soccer or wiffle ball, any other suggestions? Anyhow, I have been tagged by Brian and Simon, so here goes, 6 random things about me:

-I do my best thinking in the shower. A few times in the past month I've had a good list going but as soon as I turned off the water, I forgot the list.
-I am deathly afraid of snakes. Any size, any kind. The other day Matt and I were running and he pointed out a snake, I pushed him towards it and ran off.
-I sometimes wish I had gone to high school with the gays from Northwest that I know now. I may have enjoyed high school more. Notice that I didn't say I wish I had gone to NW, I still hate that school.
-Even though I always say I hate Brian Gehric, I really like the guy. (That's just a joke, I really do hate him.)
-Once when I was five or six I drank a whole bottle of Dimetap. I just loved the grape flavor. I wonder if I'd like it now.
-Becoming a dad scared the crap out of me, especially to a son. I have never been in a father/son relationship and now I have to be the dad, in the words of Simon, "WTH"?

There you go. Now I'm tagging:
James Bonar
Derek Johnson
Darren (Come up with another 6)

All you have to do is write a blog post of 6 random things about you.
If you don't have a blog (Feldhues) post them in the comments on here.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Results Are In

David Cook is the American Idol.

Also, we had our ultrasound yesterday and we were able to see the heartbeat, two kidneys, a nice curvy spine, and a tiny scrotum and penis. It's a boy! The doctor told us that since we were able to see the penis on the ultrasound, it's already bigger than Brad's.

Now, we just have to pick a name. Theresa reminded me yesterday that she likes the name Evan also. So, here's what we have:

Jacob, but that is the #1 name, so probably not gonna happen.
Tyler, but Tyler Buehler, too much "er"
Evan, but Evan sounds like Edwin too much.
Brad Jr., has a nice ring to it.
Ethan, but Mark Bruner's son is named that.

We'll take suggestions.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Time to Vote

I guess 8 weeks is enough time to wait to put this picture up. In case you haven't seen, this is inside my wife's belly. We find out Wednesday if it is a boy or a girl, so we have until 2:15 Wednesday to vote, what is she having, boy or girl? We already know that if it is a girl she will be name Hailey Grace, but we have a few options for the boy. His middle name will be Dennis because that was my dad's middle name. I like Tyler the best but I think Theresa likes Jacob. Oh well, we'll see what happens on Wednesday.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Nasty Boys

So I was hanging out with Matt Feldhues and James Bonar tonight and they have never heard of the Nasty Boys. What is wrong with society?

Just check out Randall Kirk Myers

Did anyone else notice that at the beginning of the second video they showed Jose Canseco getting ready for a steroid injection?

Monday, February 18, 2008

A game that can't be won, only played

Did anyone else notice this weekend that Will Smith was in just about every movie this weekend? Let's see, Hitch, Men in Black, Enemy of the State, and Bagger Vance were all on Saturday or Sunday. Will Smith is taking over the world.

Anyhow, Theresa and I watched Bagger Vance when it was on. It really sucked you in once you started watching. If you haven't seen the movie, basically, Matt Damon was a great amature golfer at one time, then he had to go fight in WWI, was gone for 15 years or something and came back to play against two of the greatest golfers of their time. Will Smith plays Bagger Vance, Junuh's (Matt Damon's) caddy who came out of nowhere. He basically talks to him throughout the movie about life but using golf as his platform. I really loved this scene because it puts everything in perspective. Bagger puts the decision making on Junuh, he tells him he can start or stop. The great thing about starting was in order to do that, he had to lay his burden down and to stop, he was alone with his burden, letting his past control him. It just seems backwards to do things like that.

PS, check out the REAL Starburst poll. Let's compare all the colors of Starburst, not the crappy yellow ones to spam, chocolate covered cicadas, or rotten eggs.