Friday, May 30, 2008

Japanese Gameshows Are Always Funny

I really need to learn Japanese because I think if I knew what they were saying this would be so much funnier. Anyone in for learning some Japanese? Also, who wants to try binocular soccer or wiffle ball, any other suggestions? Anyhow, I have been tagged by Brian and Simon, so here goes, 6 random things about me:

-I do my best thinking in the shower. A few times in the past month I've had a good list going but as soon as I turned off the water, I forgot the list.
-I am deathly afraid of snakes. Any size, any kind. The other day Matt and I were running and he pointed out a snake, I pushed him towards it and ran off.
-I sometimes wish I had gone to high school with the gays from Northwest that I know now. I may have enjoyed high school more. Notice that I didn't say I wish I had gone to NW, I still hate that school.
-Even though I always say I hate Brian Gehric, I really like the guy. (That's just a joke, I really do hate him.)
-Once when I was five or six I drank a whole bottle of Dimetap. I just loved the grape flavor. I wonder if I'd like it now.
-Becoming a dad scared the crap out of me, especially to a son. I have never been in a father/son relationship and now I have to be the dad, in the words of Simon, "WTH"?

There you go. Now I'm tagging:
James Bonar
Derek Johnson
Darren (Come up with another 6)

All you have to do is write a blog post of 6 random things about you.
If you don't have a blog (Feldhues) post them in the comments on here.


Simon said...

why is "WTH" in the words of me? Do I say that a lot or something?

Simon said...

oh yeah, and that video is hilarious! And no, it wouldn't be funnier if you knew Japanese. That's what makes it funny, the fact that you have no idea what they are saying...

Darren said...


I love that video. We all need to try that.

B-Call said...

i think you and Bonar just found your volleyball uni's for camp this year.

D-Rok said...

Wow, thanks alot for tagging me again. Just know that i am tagging you back again jerk. But I do think it is funny how we both tagged feldhues.

Brandon Schneider said...

and as much as I like the picture you used on your Feldhues link (classic), he does have a blog...he just hasn't written in it for over a year