Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Nasty Boys

So I was hanging out with Matt Feldhues and James Bonar tonight and they have never heard of the Nasty Boys. What is wrong with society?

Just check out Randall Kirk Myers

Did anyone else notice that at the beginning of the second video they showed Jose Canseco getting ready for a steroid injection?


Simon said...

That's sad, real sad! Never heard of the Nasty Boys! That pisses me off a little I think.

Just like we told Brad...get rid of the stupid word verification!

B-Call said...

that is sad, really.
i've failed Bonar.
i think we just assume that everyone knows about that team.

the only place where i've seen more ass grabbin' than in that first video is at Simon's house.

turn off the queer word verification.

DJ Hotlunch said...

That reminds me of my sweet Nasty Boys t-shirt that I lost in the tornado that year. Damn natural disasters. The question is did they know about the best player on the reds that year? Mariano Duncan, holler! And turn off the gay word verification homo! everyone knows that.

The Gooch said...

BAM! No Word Verification!

Mike Berry said...

Isn't it a sin to not know of the Nasty Boys? Maybe I got that wrong not sure.